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A colourful hack n' slash by Templedoor Games

A cute pixel art strategy/sim game by Jon Keller

A retro fire emblem inspired strategy game

A Papers, Please-like sim game made by Placeholder Gameworks


In  Development


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Hello, Adam Bow, here. I'm a games composer who was raised in New Zealand, but am currently based in Sweden. I have a background in instrumental composition, having gone to the New Zealand School of music, where I got my degree in composition. I grew up with a Super Nintendo, and games like The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country have left a lasting impression on me. So much so, that the strong melodic writing in their soundtracks is a leading influence in my own writing. 

You can get in touch with me via email:

Free Spirit
The Hero of Legend