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My name is Adam Bow. I’m 29 years old, born in Rotorua, New Zealand. I’ve been working as a composer in the games industry since 2017, and full time since 2019. I’m at my best when writing rich, melodic orchestral and other instrumental music, but am comfortable with producing almost everything.

Growing up with an SNES, my main musical influences come from games like Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country. More recently, composers like Austin Wintory and Bear McCreary have left an impression on me, with their games like Journey, Abzu, and God of War. For the last few years, my favourite games have been anything FromSoftware, But Sekiro and Bloodborne are particular favourites. Bloodborne has one of my favourite game scores ever, and the huge orchestral sound is another big inspiration for me.

Outside of game music, my love for rich harmony, funky rhythms and complicated chord progressions draws me to listen to a lot of jazz, funk, RnB and neo-soul. Incorporating these sounds into my own music, whether it be a big band jazz tune or a fantasy orchestral piece, is something I often utilise to make my music as interesting to listen to as I possibly can.


•    Writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering music of many different genres. Most proficient in orchestral and other instrumental based ensembles.

•    Able to read music, and produce sheet music and scores for performers and conductors

•    Proficient playing and recording ability with guitar and similar stringed instruments, piano and percussive instruments

•    Ability to plan and write progressive, adaptive music and set up conditions for music to dynamically change within FMOD

•    Making little icons for a website, apparently



•    Bachelor of music with first class honours from the New Zealand School of Music/Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

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